New device plugins including FireEye, QRadar, Indeni and SafeNet

Restorepoint announces the release of new device plugins that enable organisations to automate operations including Configuration Backup and Recovery, Compliance Analysis and to automate repetitive changes for:

  • A10 Networks
  • Balabit Shell Control Box (SCB)
  • Bluecoat Director, and Bluecoat AV appliances
  • Brocade VDX
  • FireEye
  • HP Blade System and HP Virtual Connect Manager
  • IBM QRadar
  • Indeni
  • SafeNet

“The release of these additional device plugins brings our supported vendor list to 53 vendors, making Restorepoint the most comprehensive platform for automating complex configuration management and compliance tasks” said Michael Bell, Restorepoint’s Director of Sales Operations. “Our device plugins are one of the unique aspects of the Restorepoint platform,  which sets us apart from other systems. When customers ask us to support a new device type, they can rely on the fact that we’re not simply providing them with a platform to run backup scripts, but have fully tested the recovery operations, making recovery a simple 1-step process, as well as collecting information from the devices that helps customers track and simplify management of their network assets.”

These latest device plugins are free and immediately available to Restorepoint customers. Evaluation licenses of Restorepoint including these new plugins are available at:


Cisco ACS v5 Now Supported

Restorepoint now supports Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) version 5, deployed either on the hardware appliance (CSACS-1121 series or similar) or ACS virtual appliance.

Restorepoint backs up and restore the database (both ACS and ADE OS), the database password file, certificate store and, if required, the ADE OS configuration.

The previous ACS version 4 is also supported, via a separate plugin.

Please contact the Restorepoint Support Team for more information.

FortiGate Plugin Update

The Restorepoint FortiGate plugin has been updated to support SCP for backup and restoration. Wherever possible, for security reasons SCP should be used to backup FortiGate devices; SCP also avoids TFTP back-connections for file transfers. Note that SCP may need to be enabled in the FortiGate UI or CLI.

The SCP restoration method differs slightly depending on the FortiOS version, but Restorepoint will use the appropriate method for each firmware version.
Restorepoint supports FortiOS 3, 4 and 5.
Please contact the Restorepoint Support Team for more information.

Updated Cisco ASA Plugin Allows Zero-Downtime Restore

The Cisco ASA plugin now gives you the option to restore a configuration directly to the running configuration. This removes the need for reloading the device and therefore keeps downtime to a minimum.

The previous behaviour (restoring to the startup configuration) is still available.

Please contact the Restorepoint Support Team for more information.

7 New Device Plug-ins released enabling customers to automate more network infrastructure

Woking, UK – 13th December 2012
Restorepoint announces the release of new Device Plug-ins that enable organisations to Automate Configuration Backup, Recovery and Compliance for:

  • McAfee Firewall Enterprise (formerly Sidewinder)
  • PineApp Mail-SeCure
  • Radware Alteon
  • Radware LinkProof
  • SEPPmail – Email Security Appliances
  • Sonus Tenor DX VoIP Switches (formerly Quintum)
  • Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance

“The release of these latest device plug-ins expands our capabilities once again, and therefore the support we offer to our customers.” said Michael Bell, Restorepoint’s Director of Sales Operations. “Saying you have a Resilient network is not proof that can actually recover following an outage. Restorepoint gives organisations that confidence by automating and centralising configuration backup and providing a unified 3-Click recovery process for over 40 vendors.”

These latest device plug-ins are free and immediately available to Restorepoint customers. Evaluation licenses of Restorepoint including these new plug-ins are available at:

About Restorepoint
The Restorepoint platform is a cost effective solution that helps increase network availability, maintain network SLAs and compliance standards by simplifying and automating time consuming network operations.

Restorepoint is a brand name of TADASoft, the market leaders in network configuration management for complex multi-vendor networks. Restorepoint enables organisations to meet their business continuity and compliance requirements by automating time consuming processes such as network configuration backup, configuration change tracking, compliance monitoring and remediation. All of this is achieved using an intuitive, secure and vendor-independent platform, without the need for connecting to each device using proprietary command-line interfaces, vendor-specific consoles, or custom scripts.

Customers around the world trust in Restorepoint to reduce administration overheads, enhance security, enable compliance, and reduce the impact and cost of downtime.

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