About Restorepoint

Restorepoint is a secure platform for automating the management of multi-vendor networks.  Deployed as a Virtual or Physical Appliance it centralises Backup, Recovery, Compliance Monitoring, Provisioning and Asset Management for network devices from 40 leading Network, Security & Storage Vendors.

Why use Restorepoint?

Business Continuity

The majority of businesses backup their data and applications on a daily basis, but the network that is made up of firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, and SAN controllers for example are only typically backed-up following initial deployment or a planned change.

When network outages occur however, caused by either hardware failure or human error, organisations need to be able to react quickly to bring services back online. It is often at this point that the organisation learns they do not have an accurate or current backup of the firewall, switch or router configuration for example which can result in hours or sometimes days being spent rebuilding a device which can lead to costly downtime.

Using Restorepoint organisations can automate the backup of their network devices like data, and recover or rollback to a previous state without fuss, within minutes.


Many organisations follow or need to adhere to standards such as ISO27001/2, PCI, ITIL or FCAPS. Within each standard there are specific requirements regarding configuration management, auditing, backup, change detection and security.

Restorepoint helps organisations meet their compliance requirements by securely storing configurations, detecting configuration changes and by automatically comparing devices configurations against your compliance rules.

Compliance rules can be quickly created and applied to multiple devices giving you an instant view of which devices do not meet your policy standards. Reports can also be automatically scheduled and used alongside the configuration change reports to shorten audit times.

Reduce Costs

Restorepoint reduces organisations operating costs by simplifying administration and automating often complex and manual tasks across a multi-vendor network estate. A single Restorepoint appliance can centrally manage the disaster recovery and compliance needs of large enterprises or service providers with thousands of devices.

Our automated compliance monitoring also enables organisations to reduce the time and skills required to analyse each of their network vendors configurations because Restorepoint provides a single and centralised view which can be especially useful during external audits.

Reduce Complexity

Managing Multi-Vendor networks is complicated and generally requires a number of trained engineers with different vendor skill-sets to build and operate the many network device types deployed.  Using Restorepoint however, our customers are able to centralise administration, regardless of an engineers knowledge or location for over 40 network, security and storage vendors products using a single, secure, multi-user solution.