Restorepoint v4.5 now available

Restorepoint 4.5 introduces several new features and improvements, including:

Configuration Template Monitoring

We introduced the ability to push configuration templates to devices in Restorepoint v4, giving you the ability to standardise the way devices are built. In our new release, you will have the ability to continually monitor your devices to ensure they match your configuration templates, ideal for those who have to meet compliance standards.

Runtime Policies

If you’ve been using our Device Control scheduling feature to automatically send commands in bulk to multiple devices, in 4.5 you can also analyse the responses from the devices using Runtime Policies. This enables you to detect conditions like routing table mismatches or changes in status to a device that might not appear in the a configuration file.

Device Software Repository

Restorepoint gives you the ability to not only centralise and safeguard your network configurations, but also to store everything else you or your colleagues might need to help you configure or rebuild devices. Store software images, ISOs, firmware, or documentation for your devices in one place. This will replace the existing Firmware tab in the Restorepoint interface.

Enhanced Asset Details

Restorepoint captures more information from your devices so that you can easily display a devices network interfaces, routing tables, or licenses for example.

Compare Devices Update

Easily compare the configurations of different devices, right from the Device List.

Device Cloning

We’ve made it easier for you to copy the configuration of one device to another.

Generic Push Status

Restorepoint can alert you when a backup has not been uploaded when using our Generic plugins. If you’ve not used the Generic Plugins before, these allow you to manage configurations from systems or servers not natively supported by a Restorepoint device plugin.

Improved support for multi-file configurations

We’ve enhanced the way we display complex configurations which consist of multiple files, and have also added the ability to export individual files.